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What can the Office 365 “Password Administrator” / “Helpdesk Administrator” role do?

As stated in my previous blog article ‘What can the Office 365 “Service Administrator” / “Service Support Administrator” role do?‘, Office 365 tenant owners often use this role to delegate common administrator tasks in Office 365. The Microsoft documentation for the Office 365 Admin Roles is here: So what exactly

What can the Office 365 “Service administrator” / “Service Support Administrator” role do?

Many Office 365 deployments struggle with delegating permissions to specific actions or areas of administration inside the tenant. Many simple administrative activities such as reading licensing and service plan information at the tenant and user level, require administrative access to the tenant. What Office 365 Administrator Role should be used

Differences between Administrator Roles in the Office 365 Admin Portal and Azure AD

Microsoft Office 365 Administrators are often easily confused when they do an administrative task is PowerShell that involves retrieving, or changing the RBAC administrative roles for users in the tenant.  The Administrative Role names used in the Office 365 Portal do not always match the equivalent role used in PowerShell.

Getting Started with the Exchange Online PowerShell Multi-Factor Module

Today, Exchange Online is managed through PowerShell by creating a remote PowerShell session to Exchange Online (this existing process is described here: Connect to Exchange Online PowerShell). This process does not use a dedicated local PowerShell module and has never supported Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) which is very important for privileged