Azure PowerShell Tips and Tricks

Here are a few key references and a few tips and tricks. Key Resources Name Description Link AzureRM PowerShell Documentation The documentation root for AzureRM.  Note the Version selector to get documentation on previous versions. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/powershell/azure/overview?view=azurermps-4.0.0 AzureRM.Profile Documentation Authenticating is the first step.  This is the reference to the AzureRM.Profile

Getting Started with the Exchange Online PowerShell Multi-Factor Module

Today, Exchange Online is managed through PowerShell by creating a remote PowerShell session to Exchange Online (this existing process is described here: Connect to Exchange Online PowerShell). This process does not use a dedicated local PowerShell module and has never supported Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) which is very important for privileged