Azure PowerShell Tips and Tricks

Here are a few key references and a few tips and tricks.

Key Resources

Name Description Link
AzureRM PowerShell Documentation The documentation root for AzureRM.  Note the Version selector to get documentation on previous versions.
AzureRM.Profile Documentation Authenticating is the first step.  This is the reference to the AzureRM.Profile module which contains the cmdlet’s to do that.
AzureRM PowerShell GitHub The github repo for the cmdlets

Azure Resource Manager overview

Great overview of Azure Resource Manager
Azure PowerShell Service Manager Module The documentation root for Azure ASM

Tips and Notes

The Login-AzureRmAccount is an Alias for Add-AzureRmAccount

If you are looking for documenation on Login-AzureRmAccount, there is none. This is an alias for the Add-AzureRmAccount cmdlet.

We can see this in the PowerShell startup file for the AzureRM.Profile module: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SDKs\Azure\PowerShell\ResourceManager\AzureResourceManager\AzureRM.Profile\AzureRM.Profile.psd1.

    “Login-AzureRmAccount” = “Add-AzureRmAccount”;
    “Select-AzureRmSubscription” = “Set-AzureRmContext”;
}.GetEnumerator() | Select @{Name=’Name’; Expression={$_.Key}}, @{Name=’Value’; Expression={$_.Value}} | New-Alias -Description “AzureAlias”

Login Error – “Sequence Contains No Elements”

If you get this error while trying to use Login-AzureRmAccount or Add-AzureRmAccount it is likely because these cmdlet’s cannot be used with Microsoft Accounts; only work or school accounts.

See the Azure PowerShell GitHub issues

Login-AzureRmAccount does not work with Microsoft accounts #3108

To Get the Version of Azure Module Currently Installed

(Get-Module -Name AzureRM.Profile).Version



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